What is Foundwellness?

History: Observation and Research

Many employees we work with used to complain that they were exhausted after sitting at their desk all day focused on the computer or phone. It would get to the point that they were using their health insurance to see a chiropractor and massage therapist to treat the pain and discomfort they were feeling. Not to mention, they lacked motivation to go to the gym, complained they never had enough time, and were emotionally drained.

The Method

The work place workout was designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles that fatigue allowing you to work more efficiently for longer periods of time. We comprised a team of the best trainers to teach Foundwellness classes at the office when it’s convenient, typically first thing in the morning or during the lunch hour. To reach remote employees or sales teams that are on the road, we developed the on-demand video series. This is one of the greatest benefits an employer can offer employees because it reaches everyone. Get started.

The Foundwellness program provides education about the food choices you are making specifically while you are at work. There is an overwhelming commonality among workers who are crunched to meet a deadline or suffering from poor sleep, and the combination of sugars, carbohydrates, caffeine, and preservatives compound these problems. Through education and awareness, balance is possible and you can avoid the energy crashes that kill your work day.

Motivation and teamwork are enhanced through the variety of events we put together including training for races, charity walks, community concerts, and more.

The Goal

Foundwellness is changing the way companies think, plan, and execute health and wellness programs. It takes an effective program to create long lasting positive change; and our job is to help create the right path for you and all of your employees, leading you towards greater success. Get started.

The Stats

With only 15% of American adults engaging in regular vigorous physical activity we bring wellness programs in the office setting to help keep employees at their job longer. Over 70% of employees feel stressed at work. Over 30% of employees are likely to leave and look for a new job this year. Decreased employee productivity, increased absenteeism, and low morale all result to decreased engagement and work performance. Our experience reveals employees that participate in the Foundwellness Program are more likely to be loyal to their employer.