The Workplace Workout

Foundwellness’s on-demand system is a fun, unique way to give your employees the training they want, when they want it. Get Started Now

First and foremost we want to create long-term postural benefits that also have body shaping results to create a happier, healthier, and more productive employee.

Personalization drives a successful program, therefore, there are a variety of workout options to choose from that can be done anywhere at anytime. Once registered, there is unlimited video streaming, including 10 minute to 60 minute workouts that you can do anywhere; at home, in the hotel, at the gym, or at the office. All you have to do is PICK, CLICK, and PLAY.

Foundwellness Workout Sample Video

Working on a computer all day can damage your posture and tweak the muscles in your neck and lower back. It’s critical to counteract these pressures through stretching and strengthening to ensure a long and healthy career. Our specific program of exercises addresses these areas of tightness and strengthens the muscles that naturally weaken over time. This enables people to move better throughout their day and ultimately become more productive.

Employers seek healthy and cost effective alternatives to the often painful and expensive medical treatment prescribed to their valuable workforce in today’s corporate environment. The Foundwellness team meets that need.

We have many variations for each exercise and muscle group. Here are a few examples: