1_400x255Foundwellness is a corporate wellness program that includes services for all company employees. We have professional trainers come on-site to teach fitness classes before work or during the lunch hour called The Workplace Workout. Additionally, employees can access the on-demand videos of The Workplace Workout series. This is perfect for remote employees or a sales team on the road. Education and nutrition is a key component to wellness and we provide resources, classes, and webinars for our corporate clients. We consult on corporate gym equipment and set-up when applicable and provide all necessary equipment for an ergonomic desk set-up.  Interested in incorporating Foundwellness into your business? Learn more.

While employees take advantage of their benefits, companies can save money keeping their staff happy, healthy and productive. The program is unique because it is a proactive and hands-on approach to corporate wellness. We partner with each corporate client to develop a program that is perfect for that client and fits with the unique company culture.

The Workplace Workouts:

“Having Perry and the other Trainers come to our office and developing the program to fit the needs of busy workers is awesome. They make it really convenient and there are no excuses not to do it!”

Participants fall in love with the workout because it’s a lot of fun. The Foundwellness Workplace Workout was designed for people who spend long hours at work and these targeted movements help to combat fatigue and energize employees while back at their desks. The Foundwellness trainers are a team of professional and licensed trainers who are skilled at elevating the group’s fitness level while prioritizing safety and body alignment.

“Perry and his team mix up the workouts so they are never boring and repetitive. They take the time to really help you, encourage you, and to push yourself and make it fun.” – Brian Donahoo, CEO at AppFolio.