Frequently Asked Questions

How does Foundwellness save my company money?

Hard Cost Savings: 20-30% of medical costs per year are spent on employees with 3 major risk factors: obesity, smoking, and diabetes. This leads to over $200 billion spent on health related productivity losses. Corporate wellness programs are built around the ability to reduce these health care costs. Studies showed that when employers target and affect the three major health risks among their population, they can save $700 per employee per year, reduce sick leave by 28%, and save up to 30% on compensation and disability claims.

Soft Dollars: Depending on the size of company; the options will vary. However, in every case, employees like to see that their employers care and are invested in their wellbeing. Creating incentives and healthy options at the work place are a priority if you want to maximize your greatest investment: your staff.

Do participants need to be at a certain fitness level to partake in the workout?

Anyone interested in improving their fitness and wellbeing is welcome. Foundwellness training ranges in degree of difficulty so whether you are looking for a challenging workout or mild exercise, this class and/or videos will accommodate. The exercises are customized to meet the specific needs of the participants.

Can the Foundwellness: Workplace Workout help with injury prevention or rehabilitation?

Yes, the Foundwellness workout is very safe and all of the movements emphasize working the body with proper form and alignment. Our trainers pay careful attention to the alignment of the knee with respect to the ankles and hips and your spine is strengthened offering you greater mobility and improved posture.

How long are the on-demand and on-site workouts?

Typically, the workout is 10-45 minutes in length. It all depends on which series of exercises you are watching. There are 15 minute strength videos, 20 minute regeneration videos, and 45 minute flow videos.

On-site classes at corporate offices with a Foundwellness trainer are typically 45-60 minutes in length. Lunch and morning classes are most popular.

What should I wear to an on-site class?

Arrive to class wearing comfortable exercise clothes and shoes are optional depending on class location.

Other then the on-site classes and the on-demand “workplace workout,” does Foundwellness offer other options to create an effective corporate wellness package?

Yes, there are numerous ways to help your company create healthy incentives for your employees and save you money on medical costs and insurance premiums. These educational and consultative programs are customized to meet the needs of your specific company, so please contact us for more information.