Different Types of Corporate Wellness Programs

Since healthcare insurance is an essential incentive that any big or small organization must provide its employees, it takes quite a toll off the overall budget. Business owners are continually searching for ways and techniques that can lower the costs of health insurances. Nowadays, corporate wellness programs have proven to be quite effective against increasing healthcare insurance costs and have gained ground in the corporate world rapidly.
The purpose of a wellness program is to motivate individuals, working within an organization, to opt for a healthier lifestyle, and to closely monitor any health related issues they have or may tend to develop in the future. To fulfill this purpose, there are numerous types of corporate wellness programs available, designed for organizations differing in nature. Following are some wellness programs that have seen success in organizations:
1. Physical Fitness –Healthcare Screenings
Corporate wellness programs offer on-site healthcare screenings for encouraging employees to be proactive regarding their health and physical fitness. This motivates them to make healthier changes in their lifestyles such as quitting smoking and drinking, weight loss, healthy food intake etc. This screening process also help in recognizing participants that are at-risk of any disease, and allows them to subdue their health issues before they reach a critical level.

For healthcare screening, hire a company that is quick on providing test results. According to most doctors, waiting for test results for 3 weeks or more is far too long. A good company for healthcare screening will be the one that offers ultrasound images and other test results in 4 to 7 days. Also, go for the company that does not take more than 30 minutes to get the screening process wrapped up.

2. Corporate Wellness Assessments
There are companies in the market that provide services of assessment of an organization to dig out ways for improving the health of its employees. Assessment process may include checking out vending machines for the type of food available in it and suggesting healthy alternative to sodas and chips like fruits, granola, nuts, fresh juices, mineral water bottles etc.

They may suggest to set up a small gym where employees can spend time walking on the treadmills or doing other lightweight exercises. They may also run a how to quit smoking or alcohol drinking campaign to enlighten the staff with its adverse effects and ways for them to get rid of their habit.

3. Mental Health Wellness Initiatives
Since the workplace stress and tension has direct effect on the mental health and wellness of the employees, it can adversely affect the productivity of the overall organization. Corporate wellness programs that specialize in mental health wellness focus on issues such as family counseling, financial planning, anger management, elder care incentive and child care. Other ways to relieve employees of stress may include distinct work arrangements such as job telecommuting or sharing.

4. Environmental Health
Apart from all the work stress, the environment of the organizations also has a significant effect on the employee’s health. Some corporate wellness programs focus on the physical environment factors such as fire safety initiatives, ergonomic work station design, injury prevention, air quality and sick building testing, and first aid and CPR training.

Other than these factors, these companies also look into matters regarding violence in the workplace, professional development and training for spotting harassment. All these factors will significantly reduce stress and ultimately improve employees’ health.
Companies provide corporate wellness program packages in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is to assess which type of program will be the best fit for your business and employees.

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