How to Develop a Healthy Environment at Your Workplace

A workplace that promotes a healthy environment is essential for the well-being of the employees. Healthier employees tend to be more productive and every company wants workers who are vigilant and productive.
Having a workforce that is energetic and willing to go the extra mile, will certainly improve the overall performance of the company. So, it is indispensible that a healthy environment be developed at the workplace. This article mentions some of the ways through which a workplace can be made into a healthier place to work.
1. Walk more
Sitting has become a curse for our generation. According to a study, much of the American population sits for approximately nine hours a day, which is disastrous to the health. A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School showed that being physically inactive is the reason for the 9% of premature deaths, about 7% of type to 2 diabetes cases and 6% of heart disease cases.
Our workplaces today are a harbour for diseases because of the fact that physical activity is not encouraged. In every workplace, the employees should be given breaks at regular intervals, in which they should perform some sort of physical activity such as jogging, stretching or as simple as walking. By employing this method, a clear difference can be seen in the performance of the employees.
2. Encourage mood-enhancing activities
It is important to allow the employees to enjoy their work instead of making them do their work forcefully. A little time to relax should be given, in which the employees can talk to their friends or family, surf the internet or go for some refreshments. It is not necessary to give them an hour-long break but only ten minutes will do the trick. This will induce positive emotions that will result in better work performance. This will also help improve their cognitive functions, which will have a positive effect on the mental health.

3. Give importance to ergonomics
Paying attention to ergonomics is very important because you can get various diseases if you sit in an awkward position of extended periods. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects about 6 million people each year. This disease is mainly caused by sitting in an inappropriate position for extended periods. There are several tips that you can follow to avoid such diseases. Some of them are mentioned below:
• The monitor should be at eye level
• Your chair should be adjusted so that your feet can touch the ground easily and the desk is about the elbow level.
• Your back should be straight and supported firmly by the chair’s backrest.

4. Eating healthier food
Every health expert agrees that munching on those unhealthy snacks during work hours can be devastating to health. Snacks full of oil combined with nine hours of physical inactivity are a recipe for disaster. The population of the overweight people are increasing at an incredible due to the consumptions of unhealthy food. It does not matter how busy you are, you must always opt for the healthy snacks. Low calorie options such as salads can be great as they are filling while containing fewer calories.
All of this suggests that healthier workplaces are actually the better workplaces and will definitely create better results!

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