Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs to the Organizations

Corporate wellness programs have been around for quite some time now and have been playing an active part in aiding employees stay healthier, happier and more productive. Corporate wellness programs tend to educate people on how participating in such programs can dramatically bring change in their lifestyle. Here is a list of benefits that a successful corporate wellness program can bring to your organization:
1. Reduced Healthcare Insurance Costs
Corporate wellness programs are a quintessential way for the organizations to fight off ever increasing insurance premiums. If these premiums are taken into consideration, they will significantly decrease as the health of employees improves that can be measured over time. Simply put, if the employee stays healthy and active throughout the year, they will not use their medical allowances from time to time, hence saving a lot of finance of the organization spent on medical insurances.

2. Reduction in Presenteeism
Presenteeism means that a person working overtime after office hours just to complete the tasks that could have been completed in the office hours. This is may be due to the emotional stress or the medical conditions of the employee, which hinders him or her in working optimally. An employee’s productivity can be significantly reduced to almost one-third if he or she is suffering from even mild headache problems.

Corporate wellness programs relieve the employees from their daily stress and refresh them to contribute their part with full potential and dedication, which can reduce presenteeism.

3. Reduction in Absenteeism
High blood pressure, common cold, chronic illness etc. are the few common reasons, which are the cause of absenteeism of employees at work. But all these can be avoided if small changes are made to the lifestyle, which can influence the well-being of the employees. In the busy professional life, corporate wellness program including training and educating importance of healthcare can greatly subdue absenteeism.

4. Increment in Productivity
One of the main aims of a corporate wellness program is to motivate employees towards leading a healthy lifestyle. According to various studies, a healthy and active employee is twice more productive than a stressed out one. Corporate wellness programs enable the employees to show increased levels of concentration, and enhanced energy levels, which ultimately results in better output and productivity.

5. Enhanced Workplace Morale
The effectiveness of corporate wellness programs can be seen through the boosted morale of the employees. When the staff of an organization sees that their bosses are taking measures for the betterment of their health and well-being, they return the favor in the form of enhanced productivity. Also social groups such as walking clubs and sports teams in a non-work related settings reduces everyday stress and builds better teamwork.

6. Prevention From Diseases
More productivity is the benefit that is in the favor of the organization, but these programs also help in saving lives. According to some surveys, it was observed that employees of those organizations who encouraged wellness programs showed reduction in the rates of chronic conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and many others.

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