5_400x248By incorporating FoundWellness: Work Place Workout into your company culture your employees can improve their biomechanics and strengthen their lower back muscles and core, and even out muscular imbalances which can reduce discomfort, improve productivity, and allow them to do their daily activities with more ease. Get started today.

By partnering with the Foundwellness team other significant benefits are created, such as:

  1. Help to improve productivity and reduce medical insurance costs by reducing or eliminating pain and ailments created by sitting in chairs at desks all day.
  2. Improve corporate culture and a great source of team building. Almost everyone can partake from the ex-colligate athlete to the mother of 5, and employees get to work together in a fun environment.
  3. Cost effective and a great use of corporate resources because our certified trainers come to you at times you dictate for maximum participation and efficiency.
  4. Improve employee satisfaction; your employees will greatly appreciate the investment in their health and wellbeing.
  5. Great recruiting tool when looking for new talent. People want to work in an environment where management demonstrates that they care for the health and wellbeing of their staff.
  6. Ultimately, happy employees treat clients and customers better which is good for business. This workout structure creates a more sound and happy employee.

The Foundwellness Workplace Workout is a proactive approach to corporate health. The program takes into account areas of chronic use and fatigue and targets and strengthens those areas directly. It’s a hands-on approach to wellness that yields results. Get started today.